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Your Global Data-Science Team

Skills & Expertise

Every business has some data, but very few know how to use it properly. For the company to gaurantee its success, it needs to have a team of data scientists who have the right skills and expertise to make proper use of that data to drive change and growth.

Cost-Effective Teams

Finding the right talent to put your data to work can be a hard job. We position ourselves as an extension of your team with access to a variety of different skillsets needed to push your growth further. We do data-driven projects for a fraction of the cost.

Global Specialists

We work with the best and brightest minds around the globe, our team is working around the clock to power your data and marketing projects. Executive leadership is centralized in India with a global support team of talented specialists.


Global Talent Powering Your Projects

Our team leads with data and has a team behind you to help put the data to work.


Ranjan Kashyap

“Helping companies grow by leveraging their data is what motivates me. My goal is to be a great partner to my clients.”


Ranjan has worked as digital growth expert and has driven over $1 million of revenue to companies in B2B, finance, ecommerce and other technology market segments.  He’s expert on search engine marketing, social media marketing, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google Data Studio, Google Big Query, SQL, Javascript & Python.

He’s passionate about data science and data driven growth marketing and is helping businesses grow. He leads a team of data science experts who are focused on providing great results to their clients. 


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